Funding Sources

Funding Sources

If financing is needed, GCIDC will work to review the proposed financing project and recommend financing alternaves ulizing local, state and federal financing programs, as well as grant opportunies.

Many of the available programs can be packaged to work in conjunction with each other; however each has its own specific requirements and restrictions. Therefore, the first step should always be to contact GCIDC so that a complete assessment can be performed to determine which programs may be applicable. The GCIDC staff will coordinate and assist in the application process for all involved lending sources in an effort to streamline and expedite the request.


Project specific grants may be available to assist with funding of projects depending on program eligibility and requirements. The GCIDC Team has extensive background in grant identification, application, auditing and management. We have a strong track record and experienced team having successfully secured over $10 million in grants over the past 3 years. GCIDC provides grant administration and monitoring services based on specific third party project needs.